Hello!  NIce of you to drop by. I’m Haley. (You probably already knew that) and that handsome guy you see all over this blog is my husband Juan. I decided to start this blog to document and share our adventures as mere newlyweds. I think life is pretty fantastic and there’s a lot to be happy about, so I hope to keep that the theme around here. And while mostly meant to keep up with all the haps in our life, I hope to provide some sort of enjoyment/entertainment/escape from boredom for whoever is reading.

First a little about us:

Haleyhaley+juan196Harry Potter reader. Coconut obsessor. Taylor Swift doppleganger. Disneyland go-er. Barefoot walker. Leslie Knope admirer. People lover. Watercolor painter.

Juanhaley+juan180Chicken wing consumer. Basketball player.  Mini hoop dunker. Sock collector. Tech-deck skater. New York state ID holder. Rap song  memorizer. Pickle hater.

Juan & I met in high school. (Awww) We were in the same choir class and would talk a little here and there, but that was it. I knew he played every sport in the world and that he was good at everything and that everyone liked him. A little bit intimidating?  Hmm yes.  Meanwhile, I was best friends with his older sister, so often times I would hear things about him or run into him randomly at his house, but besides school, we never really hung out.  My senior year I was in charge of taking attendance for choir, so at the beginning of class I would sit in the front while I took roll and Juan would come and sit with me, making paper airplanes and testing just how long it would take before the teacher noticed he was there. It was a good time, and we always got along super well. He was someone I just really liked being around.

Winter formal came around, and I wasn’t sure who to ask. Karla, his sister told me I should ask Juan. The thought really hadn’t crossed my mind, because I was way too scared and he was way too cool for me. But finally I decided to, and to winter formal we went and as I expected, had the best time. Because again, when we were together, it was always a good time.


A couple years went by, we both did our own thing for awhile, dated other people yada yada yada. But all the same, we stayed in contact and whenever we did see each other it was always really easy to pick things back up. Right around spring break one year, I had a friend getting married and at that time, most of my friends were dating someone and all bringing that someone as their date to the wedding. Finding myself date-less again, Karla suggested again that I bring Juan with me. I hadn’t seen him in awhile, but I definitely wasn’t against the idea. It just so happened that the next day I got a text from him saying that he’d seen me at school. So naturally I seized the moment and asked him to come with me, which he accepted.


 After that night we were together every single day. We could be doing everything or nothing and it was always the best. It was pretty bizarre how we never got sick of each other. Being together was easy. I liked that. And you know those people who you can talk to literally about anything and they always listen and always say exactly what you need to hear? That’s how it was with Juan. And I liked that too. We became fast best friends over those mere little 5 months.blogcolooage

In July Juan left on his mission to New York. Neither of us knowing how things were going to turn out. But it was pretty clear to me that I wanted to be around when he got back.Con amigos y amigas

CIMG7793 CIMG7109

So for 2 years we wrote each other nearly every week. Letters, pictures, emails, postcards, videos. All the while still the best of friends. What seemed like forever yet no time at all, 2 years passed, and I was over at his house the night he got home. And just like before, from then on we saw each other every single day. And for our very first real date, we cooked a lobster of course.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Things happened fast. Alot faster than either of us had expected. Once we’d come to the consensus that the feelings were mutual, we dated the heck out of those next few months. Not too long after we started officially dating, we found ourselves at the Westwood track one night talking. “Sooo…ummm…are we getting married?”  “Yes, yes I think we are.”


On December 14, 2015 we got engaged. (see the story here!) And 3 months later were married in the Mesa Temple. We couldn’t be happier to be starting our life together!



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