Even though graduation ceremonies are notorious for being lengthy, there’s something I love about them. I always feel a little bit more motivated and a little bit more inspired. And I definitely feel all sorts of proud. It was fun to see Juan sitting amongst the thousands of students and watch him cross the stage on the big jumbotron and shake hands with the professors in funny hats. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. I was a little nervous about how Diego would handle it since it was a long ceremony and it was pretty loud. But he rocked the headphones again and hardly made a peep. He even slept through part of it. Best baby ever! At the end there was fireworks and he was mesmerized by them. He had he mouth wide open in a half smile the whole time ha! We’re so proud of Juan and it feels so good to check this box off and move on to the next phase of life! Goooooooo Devils!
Diego being an angel baby. And drooling everywhere in the process.
Let’s play a little “Where’s Juan?” in this photo.

Give me all the headphone squished baby faces.

Diego keepin’ it real by spitting up all over his ASU outfit. Still cute tho.

Congrats Juan! We love you!

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