It’s been an exciting year for our family, filled with a whole lot of change and milestones. In addition to adding a member to our family, Juan finished up his last year of his Bachelor’s AND got accepted to law school at ASU in the fall. Juan has worked so hard over the last few years, juggling jobs and going to school full time. Plus, having to handle life in general and everything along the way. Not only did it make it out with a degree, but a killer GPA as well. I’m so stinking proud of him. Once Juan sets his mind to something, he doesn’t stop until he gets there. So when he decided he wanted to go to law school, he did everything in his power to get there. He spent hours and hours and hours studying for the LSAT and perfecting his application. We feel so blessed that he got accepted to ASU and that we get to stay here! And I couldn’t be more grateful for his hard work and dedication to taking care of our family and our future!

I took some grad pictures for Juan around campus, which of course meant we had to take some of Diego in his ASU outfit. Gah, he just looked so freaking cute.  I swear he was trying to throw up the pitchfork in a couple of the pictures! While taking pictures there was a huge windstorm and we took shelter in a random building. This building just so happened to be a really old basketball gym and it seemed very fitting that we stumbled upon it since #ballislife. I really loved how all the pictures turned out and love this guy even more. 

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