Diego’s blessing day was a sweet + beautiful day for our little family. I loved picking out a little outfit for him to wear, along with an intricate white afghan my Grammie made for him, just for this day. I was nervous that he would cry during the blessing so I did everything I could to get him to sleep just at the right moment. Minutes before the blessing I was rocking him out in the halls as he was getting fussy. But as soon as I handed him to Juan, he was a little angel baby and didn’t cry. Just gave a few approving grunts here and there. My dad said that in the circle as the men were all holding him, Diego was just looking straight up and Juan. All calm and smiling. ❤ Juan gave him the perfect blessing, ultimately blessing him with love and happiness for life. Which Diego already has even in these few short months. I was so overcome with love and pride for these two boys in my life. They are everything to me! I’m grateful for these feelings and these glimpses that help me better understand my Heavenly Father’s love for me and my family.

I’m still in awe at the lengths humans go to in order to support and show love to new little humans. We’re so grateful for everyone who came to show us love. Looking back at pictures from the blessing day makes me smile as I think about the army of people that already love Diego. That already have his back. Families are pretty incredible like that. I think about all the stellar men he has to look up to. Especially his dad, who loves him more than anything. He is one lucky little boy!

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