One of my favorite things to witness is humans getting so excited for the arrival of another human. Someone that we’ve anticipated coming for months, but don’t quite know the exact minute of their arrival. A complete stranger who doesn’t seem so strange and who will be a part of our life forever. And then that little human gets here and you get to see him meet all your other favorite humans. There’s just something sort of magical about that. Those long days in the hospital were made brighter by everyone who came to visit and I loved getting to see my family + friends interact with and love on Diego for the first time. There were lots of smiles and happy tears and we’re so grateful to everyone who came to see us!
Diego is the first grandchild on my side to say my parents are smitten would be an understatement. They are so sweet with him and I can’t wait for him to start recognizing and playing with them! Being the first grandchild means he’s also the first great-grandchild on my dad’s side. How cute are Grammie + Gramps? They came to visit me and Diego so many times while we recovered at home because they couldn’t get enough.

Diego and my cousins’ baby Sadie are exactly three months apart, yet when he was born he only weighed a pound less than her!

I can’t get over this picture of Ruby who LOVES Diego so so much. She was sick for the first few days so it was so exciting when they finally got to meet. She was stunned by him and just kept staring at him and stroking him say, “It’s me Ruby, I’m your cousin. It’s okay.” I mean…heart melted.

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