January…oh what a month. One full of excitement and insanity and everything in between. It started off with Natalie + Mati’s wedding on January 3rd. For months we’d been working day and night to get things ready. And at 8 months pregnant I was more than ready to get this show on the road. And despite all the craziness before, it turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day. And of course everything came together in the end. Natalie looked beautiful and her an Mati just beamed the entire day which made everything worth it! They had their reception in my parents backyard and thanks to everyone’s help it was so beautiful. I wanted to leave it all up afterwards and have 10 more parties back there. It also happened to be FREEZING that night. We had heaters and blankets, which sort of helped. I wore full length sweats and slipper under my dress too. Which again, semi-helped. Despite the cold we still had the best time. My favorite part of the day though was after everything was over, Alyssa, Juan, Alberto, and I danced for hours trying to keep warm and took full advantage of the mic and sound machine, taking turns singing karaoke.  It was magical and everything we needed in that moment. 

My first attempt at making a wedding cake. They didn’t gag when they ate it so I’d count it as a success. My handsome forever wedding date ❤Juan’s mom made Natalie’s wedding dress and it was stunning in every way!Here’s a picture of us being jazzed to be freezing our buns off while setting up for the wedding. Good times. After the wedding, we went into full baby mode. Finishing up every last minute detail, washing baby clothes, installing the carseat, deep cleaning the house ten times. January seemed to last a lifetime with baby boy only a month away. Sleeping? Impossible. Nausea? Back for a visit. Taco Bell became a favorite again and I had no energy to do anything. The closer we got to his due date, the crazier things got. One night I woke up from a crazy toothache and ended up needing an emergency root canal that day. My worst nightmare. But thanks to some good friends, I got it taken care of and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought!We spent nights walking and driving around, just waiting for sign of the baby. Dairy Queen became a favorite. And one night Juan bought the workers pizza and handed it to them through the drive-thru. They were so happy that they gave us free blizzard coupons ha!
I celebrated my 27th (yikes) birthday and all I wanted for my birthday was a baby. My doctor had given me false hope, so when he didn’t show up I was grumpy but tried to enjoy it anyways! My cousins were so nice and through me a little birthday party the Sunday before. They made my favorite desert and even bought me a birthday crown!

My birthday fell on MLK day so I was lucky enough to not have to go to work! Juan and I went out to breakfast before my doctor’s appointment that day. During said breakfast my waffles betrayed me and my temporary filling from my root canal cracked. I cried because I was so mad hahaha.
So after a quick stop at the dentist…
…I was all fixed up and we headed to Bahama Bucks. After we got our shaved ice we found out you could get one free on your birthday and we just started laughing. Of course we found out after! I then got my membranes stripped, hopeful that baby boy would make an appearance soon. Jokes on us. Because he didn’t come. So we walked and walked and walked some more. I drank pineapple juice on the daily. I bounced my little heart out on that ball for hours. One day when we were headed out to do some laps at the mall, our tire went completely flat and we got to spend the day riding in a tow truck and getting new tires instead. Ahhhh adult things. 

Craziness aside, it was a good month that allowed us to spend some last minute time together, just the two of us. We just can’t wait to meet our little baby and know that he’s going to show up here sometime soon! So hopefully these bump pictures will be my last!

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