I’ve always been a fan of pictures and documenting, but I always was on the fence about maternity pictures. I’d seen a lot of odd shoots and wasn’t sure I wanted to risk it. But on the other hand I wanted to remember this special time in our lives. Thankfully, my friend Sarah Waggoner offered to take some for us and I couldn’t have been more excited because a) Juan + I hadn’t had any professional pictures taken since our wedding and b) Everything Sarah touches literally turns to photo gold. We drove out to Lost Dutchman park on a cool December evening and Sarah, as always, made it the best time. I truly loved every single picture and can’t help but post them all. Looking at them brings alllllll the feelings. Pregnancy hasn’t always been a breeze, but these pictures remind me of what a miracle it is and how much love I already have for this boy. I feel so stinking lucky to be able to grow this little baby. And while most of the time I’m in sweats with my hair tied up, I’m so grateful to Sarah who helped me feel beautiful at this time in life. I also just feel so overwhelmed with love for Juan. He’s my absolute best friend and we’ve been so much together in the few years of marriages. Again, I just feel so stinking lucky. Lucky to have him by my side. And lucky to be starting this new adventure of parenthood with him.

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