I’m officially HUGE. And now people are making the comment that I’m “even bigger than last time” they saw me. The baby must be a karate master by now because he truly never stops kicking. He is also using my bladder as a punching bag. I always have to pee. Always. It’s so bizarre and amazing to see little knubs and limbs poking out and it still blow my mind that there’s an actual baby in there. I love him so much. He’s getting so strong that he’ll kick Juan if we’re laying next to each other in bed ha! Me and the lil’ guy got showered by all of our favorite people and it’s been so fun going through all the baby things! My appetite is bigger than ever and I am constantly chugging water. We got to see a 3D ultrasound again and he is a chunnnkkk. He’s got the biggest lips ever and I can’t get over them. Good news is he’s head down and the rest of him is living in my ribs. The discomfort is starting to settle in. My stomach feels stretched to the limit and I only want to wear pajamas. I also get out of breathe wayyyy too fast. Literally nothing I own fits me and it’s a little too late to get a maternity wardrobe. I’m also constantly burping fire. Thank you heartburn. One perk is that pregnancy skin comin’ in hot. I haven’t a zit in months! We’re still trying to settle on a name, but our favorite suggestion so far has been Pete Zazueta. (PIZZA-SUETA) In honor of our favorite food. But jokes aside, we’re getting so excited to meet this dude!

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