We’d been anticipating the week of Thanksgiving for quite while. Obviously, because who doesn’t love Thanksgiving, but also because Juan’s brother Beto was coming home from his mission in Guatemala the day before! Juan was counting down the days and its been so fun having him home.

We spent Thanksgiving day split between our families — lunch at my parents and then dinner with Juan’s family. It was a blessing in disguise having to wear stretchy maternity pants because I could really load up my plate without having to worry about the discomfort of jeans. Heck yeah! Plus I had the appetite this year to probably eat 4 Thanksgiving dinners so I loaded up my plate and every meal. I don’t have any pictures from that day other than my pan of rolls and my homemade cranberry sauce which was deeeelicious.

Since everyone was all together again we took the opportunity to take some new family pictures with Juan’s family that weekend. I also hit 30 weeks pregnant, which feels so much closer than 29! 30 weeks just seems so official and the baby could be here in just a matter of weeks! We also got another 3D ultrasound of the baby and it’s so amazing that we can see his little chubby face! I just want to eat him already!

That week I also had my baby shower, which I’m so sad I didn’t get more pictures of. But me and baby boy got spoiled and I just feel so thankful for all the support that we already have for this baby! It’s making me so excited to wash all of his clothes and get his nursery all set up!

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