“Sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room…it’s for fun.”

This Halloween really stretched our creativity as we had to try and come up with something to accommodate my growing baby bump. So the obvious choice was that I dress up like a chubby middle aged man–Nacho Libre is it! The Goodwill gods smiled upon us once again and we found the perfect set of “recreational clothes”. Finding the perfect wig proved to be more of a challenge, so we had to buy long women’s wigs and give each other hair cuts. It was quite the sight–both of us with a pair of scissors in hand reaching across while we simultaneously cut each other’s wig and plastics black strands piled up on the floor. Seeing Juan transform into Esqueleto had me weak. It could quite possibly be my favorite costume so far — if anything, the most comfortable!! While some people didn’t know who we were at first, (*cough*losers*cough*)most people got a kick out of it.

We had some friends over the weekend before Halloween for a Bunco party/potluck. I loved seeing what everyone came up with and it was an all around good time! On actual Halloween Juan had to work, so I passed out candy at my parents in Juan’s old football uniform. When I opened the door one teenage kid asked me if I went to Carson hahaha. I told him no but that I was flattered he thought I was 14!

I was lucky enough to take my glucose test on Halloween. It was my warm up for all the candy! It honestly wasn’t as bad as everyone had said. Just taste like thick warm sprite. Yum. We also got to take a peek at baby boy at my ultrasound earlier that day. The forward facing pictures made him look like a spooky little skeleton and it was my favorite part of the day!

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