October Break always rolls around just at the right time. The semester begins to get a little overwhelming and the weather starts to cool down so all you want to do is get cozy. It also happened to fall on Conference Weekend, which also always arrives just when it needs to. I’d survived the first quarter of my new job and was ready to take some time off and start getting things ready for the baby. It was so nice to have an entire week off to work on projects, and just be down right lazy! We started off the break watching conference in bed. There’s nothing I love more than getting some physical rest and spiritual nourishment all at the same time. It was such an exciting conference, with all of the new changes — especially 2 HOUR CHURCH! We’d all been speculating for months, so it was crazy to actually hear it announced. Andy was beside himself with excitement ha!
At 22 weeks pregnant, I felt like I finally made it to the sweet spot. That 2nd trimester where your bump starts to look cute without being too ginormous, you’re not constantly nauseous, and the 3rd trimester discomfort hasn’t crept its way in yet.

Since the weather was stinking beautiful, we made a trip to the zoo with Karla and Jesse and Ruby. I always love a trip to the zoo and I love watching Juan interact with Ruby. She adores him, and he adores her even more!

One night we stopped into the Angry Crab and treated ourselves to some nice heaping bags of juicy crab legs. Between the two of us, we could sit and eat those crab legs alllllll day. Something about that sweet meat drenched in butter and Cajun spices. Heck, I bet most anything would taste good drenched in butter and Cajun spices.
I spent some evenings watching Juan play ball…
…and some afternoons wandering baby stores after my OB appointment and treating myself to Chick-fail-a.
I even bought my first pair of maternity jeans. I was finally tired of having my pants dig into my stomach! They were life changing and I should have made the swap sooner. It was nice having time in the morning s to relax and read and work on projects. I tried to carve out more time to study the scriptures and have a nice moment of peace and quiet.
In the evenings while Juan was playing ball or working, I would paint or read Harry Potter and drink my very favorite golden milk. Nothing gives me fall vibes quite like Harry Potter and golden milk.
My favorite project over the break was a quilt for baby boy Z. I truly love sewing and always forget until I get started on another project. It’s so therapeutic for me and the perfect amount of creative and productive. I love seeing the project come to life and the quilt turned out exactly how I’d imagined. There’s just something so special about hand making something for your future child. I can’t wait to put it to use!

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