24 weeks is officially the most pregnant I’ve ever been. Up until this point I’ve known what to expect as far as pregnancy goes. Yeah, of course there’s been some differences from my pregnancy with Mara, but so far I’ve known what to expect. Now it feels like I’m crossing over into uncharted territory and it feels terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time. The 2nd trimester, just like last time, has been a magical time for me physically. My energy is higher than it’s been in weeks and the nausea is nowhere to be found! Hallelujah! With the nausea gone I’m able to eat a little bit healthier and smoothies are my go to. But nausea or not, greasy heavy always sounds amazing. Pregnancy is a blessing on our marriage because it makes me want burgers as much as Juan does 😉 I’ve been feeling the baby move big time, which is such a change because I hardly felt Mara move at all. I love it so so much. It feels like I have a little buddy with me wherever I go, giving me a little nudge saying, “Hey mom!” It’s still beyond crazy that there’s a real little baby inside me and him moving around constantly makes it so much more real. I’ve been slowing getting things ready for him and the other day I bought a dresser from DI and I’ve been spending all my spare time sanding and painting that thing. I LOVE how it turned out and can’t wait for the knobs and handles I ordered for it to get here! I’ve also been having frequent bizarre/vivid dreams. It makes for good breakfast conversation. A few weeks ago they found out I had a small subchorionic hemorrhage, nothing too major. It just means I have to have ultrasounds every week until it shrinks. So it’s been fun to be able to see the baby so often and this last week we got to see the baby in 3D! It popped up on the screen and Juan and I both just starred at each other because it was so crazy! He’s a real little person with a face and eyes and a nose and mouth! Babies are absolute crazy miracles.

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