The end of the summer was filled with all sorts of my favorite things. Mostly less nausea and more energy. And lots of food. One weekend we went down to Thatcher for the 24th of July celebration. Juan was pumped about playing in the basketball + volleyball tournaments and I was pumped about being able to eat my weight in Burger House burritos. There are few things I’ve craved more this pregnancy than messy, cheesy, red + green mix Burger House burritos.
 ^Stuffing our little faces with burrito goodness. ^
It was nice to get away, even just for a weekend and spend time with family. And even though Juan’s team lost in the semi-finals for the 3rd year in a row, I guess it was still fun watching basketball all afternoon. It’s always a good time in Thatcher, and nothing beats those summertime sunset views!
Thankfully the million degree heat was kindly interrupted by a few weeks of monsoons. The power went out more than once, and trees all over the valley were uprooted during these short, yet powerful bursts. But I mean THOSE MONSOON SKIES! 
Just like with my last pregnancy, I’m constantly craving all the fast food! I’m not what I crave more, the greasy, salty, heaviness or the lack of cooking. Either way, Taco Bell has been a good friend through it all. 
Another little life joy came in the form of a cardboard box full of fruit. Peach season is quiet possibly one of my favorite times of the year. There’s nothing I love more than a big juicy peach for breakfast, peach milkshakes, peach jam, peaches on waffles, and peach pie. (Which I also ate for breakfast!) I’m counting down the days until next year!It’s also been fun to watch the baby bump start to emerge. There’s something magical about watching your body grow a human and it all starts to sink in a little more when other people are able to tell! 
It was also nice that Juan had a bit of an extended summer, so that when he wasn’t working, he didn’t need to be doing homework and we could spend time together and with family! When he WAS working, I spent time making earrings to keep me busy and to earn a little extra cash!

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