Because of the complications with my last pregnancy, my doctor had us do genetic testing at 10 weeks to ease our minds going forward. Not only did we receive the incredible news that the baby was healthy, but we also got to find out the gender super early from the test! We had an appointment at 12 weeks + our first ultrasound. Juan and I were so nervous/excited as we sat waiting in the room. The ultrasound tech walked in an was about to get started when she stopped, “You guys know the gender right?” We told her we didn’t! Just tell us already! I didn’t think I could wait another second. We told her we both thought it was a girl, or mostly that we would be shocked if she said boy. She looked up from the paperwork and paused…”It’s a boy!” A BOY. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. We were going to have our own little Zazueta baby BOY. We were both SO happy. Mostly happy for a healthy little bean, but over the moon thinking about our lil’ guy! Once the tech started and he popped up on the screen she assured us that we didn’t need the blood test to tell us that it was a boy–it was VERY obvious ha! We couldn’t feel more blessed or more excited to meet our little nino! And I now just spend all day roaming the baby section at every store possible and looking up baby boy clothes online. Send help. 

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