We were feelin’ it by day 7. All the walking and riding and non stop New York-ness was wearing us out, in the best way of course. But for our last few days we kind of took it easy. We went strolling around Central Park some more and took a ride on the row boats. Such a simple activity, but always one of my very favorites. I just love that park so so much. We were also lucky enough to make it down to the 9/11 museum. Seeing the memorial was one thing, but experiencing the museum and learning more about that horrific day was another experience entirely. It was amazing how quiet it was inside, there was a sort of unspoken reverence. The whole museum was incredibly well done and it was a humbling experience to be there. Juan went ahead of us in the museum since he had to run uptown to visit a friend, but he was lucky enough to run into one of the guides who also happened to be in the second tower when it was struck. He shared his whole experience and perspective with Juan, which I thought was incredible.

We also adventured down to Wall Street and Trinity church. One of my favorite things about New York is all the old amongst the new. I love seeing the historic buildings and cobblestone streets. We even stopped by Alexander Hamilton and Eliza Hamilton’s grave–which was crazy to think that they were actually buried there! On our last day week took it easy, especially since JA’s pregnancy nausea was already making and appearance. We took the trek from Jersey to Lincoln Square with all of our luggage, which I’m sure was a sight ha. The security guard at the temple was kind enough to let us lock our luggage in a closet there until it was time to head out and catch our flight. We bought some snacks in the little next door cafe and took some last minute pictures. Juan, bless his little heart, was nice enough to walk 20 blocks with me so I could try the cereal ice cream from MilkBar. Honestly, I just wanted to try it for the experience but didn’t think I would love it as much as I did! It was the perfect salty sweet and I’d go there over and over if I could! We ate our ice cream together as we walked the perimeter of Central Park, back to the temple. A simple little memory, but one of my favorites. I love the upper west side and there’s nothing I love more than chatting with Juan while eating ice cream in the middle of New York. ❤^The longest freaking subway escalator I have ever seen. I can’t think about how far underground we were or I will barf. ^Alexander Hamilton’s grave had coins allllllll over it to pay tribute to his hand in starting the US Treasury. So cool!Even though we didn’t get to see a Broadway show, I loved walking by the theatre where Harry Potter & the Cursed Child was playing. The whole display was magical and makes me want to go back just so we can see it!

^Just two boys being super New York-y doing crosswords in a bagel shop. ^^Straight up heaven in a cup!^

Our trip was the ultimate New York experience. Good food, terrible smells, missed Subway stops, running into interesting characters, making new friends, falling asleep on the bus, moments of slap happiness and hangriness, awing at street performers, street food, yucky mice, hidden little gems, iconic sites, and lots and lot of walking. But it was all so magical being there with our best friends. I’m so happy we finally checked it off our bucket list!

But the best part of all was coming home with a new excitement + new adventure to plan for. After months of intense anxiety and trying to get a grasp on life, this trip was everything I needed it to be. I mean, just a few months before, I barely left my house and didn’t want to talk to anyone. How was I suppose to go on this ginormous trip? Would I even have fun? I had recently been talking to my doctor and my therapist and both had made the comment that getting pregnant again would be a great form of healing. Obviously, it’s what both Juan + I wanted, but I was still so so scared. Knowing all the endless things that could go wrong, I didn’t know if I was ready to risk it again. But after talking about it, it was clear that Juan + I both had the same fears but the same desire to try again. And it ended up that our trip was healing in every single way. We feel so incredibly blessed to have gotten pregnant again so quickly. We feel so blessed to have the time to step away and spend time together in one of our favorite places. And we feel so blessed to have the Portillo’s to share in all of these adventures with. They’ve been right there for us through everything and I couldn’t be more excited to have little ninos so close together! I know it will be the best adventure yet!

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