Our first stop on Monday was Brooklyn. I’d only ever walked a bit on the bridge and seen it from across the water, so I was excited to see what it was all about. Mainly I was excited to try Juliana’s Pizza and The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. I can’t be quite sure if this was the day that we accidentally took the subway several stops the opposite direction was wanted to in Brooklyn or if that was another day. All my memories are starting to run together. But yeah, that happened. Good ol’ public transportation adventures. Anyways, back to Brooklyn. We popped into Juliana’s for lunch, which was a little pizza restaurant right underneath the Brooklyn Bridge. And there are few things I love more than a thin crust fresh margarita pizza. Gimme all the margarita pizzas!! We snagged some ice creams cones and took pictures down by the water, then we started our trek across the Brooklyn Bridge. From the little taste I had of Brooklyn, I definitely want to spend more time there on our next trip!

That afternoon we had tickets to Top of the Roc, which is my absolute favorite view of the city. I love that you can see the Empire head on and all of Central Park on the other side. It’s definitely one of the more touristy activities, but it’s always my favorite. In the evening we made our way back to down to Time Square to catch the bus back to Jersey. This was our routine every night and it didn’t change my hatred for Time’s Square ha. So many people. So many germs. So many smells. However, it’s one of Juan’s very favorite places sooooo to each his own.  

Peaches + cream ice cream for the win!My very favorite travel buddies.

What most of our pictures together end up looking like:

Favorite boy in my favorite place. ❤
The very best view!

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