Our fifth day there was Sunday. That morning Juan and Benjie drove up to the Bronx to take the car back we had borrowed, which meant JoyceAnn + I ventured into the city alone. It was chilly and overcast, and wearing dress while waiting for the Jersey best wasn’t the most comfortable ha! It took us a while to make sure we got on the right bus, but once we got down to the city I was proud of us for making it all the way to church on the subway by ourselves! It was so cool getting to go to church in the Manhattan Temple and it’s just amazing that the church really is the same everywhere you go. I was shocked how quiet it was in the chapel–you couldn’t hear any of the hustle and bustle and honking from outside, even though we were smack dab in the middle of the city.

After church we ate some Halal food and camped out in the Lincoln center to avoid the cold. Then we popped into Century 21 to find some warmer clothes. We also spent half the day trying to find plain long sleeve shirts that weren’t over $30. Do you know how hard it is to find a long sleeve shirt in New York in the middle of June?! It was a wild goosechase. Finally, we found some at our THIRD H&M we’d visited. During said goosechase we stopped by Chinatown and Little Italy. JoyceAnn was able to score a fancy purse for her mom, which felt like a top secret mission as we followed the seller through crowds and watched as her accomplice fetched the bag from who knows where and handed it off in a black trash bag. Sneaky stuff. We were so so tired from a day of running around and were pumped for our reservation at the Smith that night. When we showed up for dinner, we realized we had made reservations at the wrong one and we really needed to be across town. *cue the hangriness* After much deliberating and walking and bus taking, we made it to the correct Smith and eventually had a nice sit down meal, with some of the best skillet mac and cheese I’ve ever had.

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