The night JoyceAnn + I took the pregnancy tests, we hopped online and ordered some cheap digital ones from Target. We both needed a little more convincing and the actual words PREGNANT seemed to be a little more official. We headed down to Harlem that next morning and picked up the tests from guest services. We were both just laughing and freaking out in the bathroom. It just seemed too crazy, too good to be true. But 3 minutes later, I shoved my test under her stall and we both sat there giggling. When we walked out of the bathroom, Juan + Benjie were both just sitting there and we gave them the thumbs up. Such a funny memory that I’ll cherish forever. On this particular day, we headed across to New Jersey to drop our stuff out and our new (mouse-free) Airbnb. Then we headed into the city and over to Soho. I’d never been to Soho, so I was excited to wander around. Definitely one of my favorite little areas. We wandered in and out of shops and stopped by my very favorite Wafels and Dinges waffle truck. I really wanted to check out the Glossier showroom and we felt so fancy waiting in the line and riding up the elevator to the exclusive-feeling little penthouse showroom.
I’ll really never get over the buildings. Ever. Two waffles for two ladies and two babies. By the evening we’d made our way down to Washington Square and did some more people watching. We stopped into Do for some cookie dough treats and ate said treats while the sun went down and a man blew giant rope bubbles for all the kids at the park. 

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