As I sit here writing this post, my mouth has already started watering looking at pictures of those beautiful and glorious slices of pizza. Most mornings we had gotten a late start and ending up skipping breakfast, but on this particular day we got ready a little bit earlier. And had pizza for breakfast of course. Cross Bronx Pizza is know for their enormous slices and to be honest, my last experience wasn’t too memorable. But Juan + Benjie can’t ever stop talking about it, so I gave it another shot. And it was freaking delicious. Maybe it’s because I haven’t eaten lunch yet, but I’d give anything for another slice. 

We spent the rest of the day wandering around the city. We popped into the Manhattan temple, which looks so cool tucked in amidst the city. We people watched in Grand Central Station and ate smoothie bowls in Bryant Park. 

Waiting our turn at the Whispering Wall!

It was Benjie’s goal every day to find and finish that day’s crossword!

So the night before we left, Benjie + JoyceAnn called to tell us that they were pregnant! We were floored and so so happy for them! I had actually taken a pregnancy test that morning, just for fun, but it came back negative. But again, we were SO happy! All we ever talk about is how we have to have babies at the same time and all I wanted was to be pregnant too so we could make it happen! The first few days of the trip we joked that we hope pregnancy was contagious. JoyceAnn still wanted to take more tests to be sure and wanted me to take another one, just in case! On this particular day I was 3 or 4 days passed by cycle, which always comes like clockwork. After mentioning it to everyone, they convinced me to buy a test. We got off the bus late that night in the Bronx and made our purchases at the Rite Aid on the corner.

I went into the bathroom, 100% expecting to be disappointed. But as the 2 lines appeared, I just started giggling. I couldn’t even try and trick anyone as I came out of the bathroom. I WAS PREGNANT! We all silently screamed together at the top of the stairs, so we didn’t wake up the family we were staying with. It was the best and most memorable moment. And it turns out, JoyceAnn was still pregnant too 😉 We calculated it and we are due less than a week apart! Which I know is sign that our babies are already best friends forever.
While celebrating together in the bathroom, JoyceAnn and I were minding our own business, brushing our teeth. When all of the sudden JA grabs my arms in pure terror and I look down and see A MOUSE scurrying around the floor. We both flew into the air and perch on top of the toilet and sink. Breaking said toilet lid in the process. We were laughing and crying and tried yelling quietly down to our husbands to come save us, without waking anyone else up. Eventually we ended up calling them on the phone and were terrified the rest of the night. 

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