Day 2 we were ready to hit the city! From the minute we land, I always get so anxious to see the skyline and just experience and take in the city. I could do absolutely nothing but walk around Manhattan all day and I would be a happy camper. There’s just so must to see and hear and smell (sometimes not so pleasant)–I love that it’s such an immersive experience! This particular day was humid and drizzly. The weather was bipolar the entire time we were there and we never knew whether to take a jacket or throw on shorts. We spent the day walking around Central Park, walking across Harlem, visiting the Museum of Natural History and admiring the adorable Upper West Side buildings!There’s a lot of beautiful things about New York, but I could truly build a treehouse in Central Park and never have to leave. I love it that much. THOSE TREES!
Even the scaffolding in NY is charming and amazing. 

Photobombed by some crazy guy. 

I’ll take one of these pretty please!

See? What did I tell you. Magical fairy wonderland.

This guy was making some incredible bubbles. They were mesmerizing and I could have watched them all afternoon!

^Juan’s killer photography skills.^Not going to lie, I’m not the world’s biggest banana fan. But I would give anything to have a Magnolia Bakery in AZ so I could have that banana pudding every single day. TO DIE FOR.

Here I am looking like a five-year-old and living my life long dream of seeing the Balto statue in person. We watched that movie as kids more times than I can count so ya. Dreams come true. 

Central Park with my 3 best friends is truly my idea of a perfect day!

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