A month or so ago, my dad brought up in conversation that we needed to clear our schedules for February 16th. And leave them clear for the weekend. He wouldn’t really give us any info other than that and we were ticked ha! I’m so bad with surprises and will do anything in my power to figure them out. Yes yes, I’m the worst. But my dad wouldn’t break. We tried everything. We had so many guesses and were honestly a little scared as to what it would be. Not that we didn’t trust my parents. But maybe. Juan took off work and school completely, still in the dark and still unsure about it all. The anxiety was real.

So the weekend came and my dad told us to be available by 10:00 AM in casual dress. Before the “surprise” we were meeting up with Jordan + Marisha from Reno to give them shoes to take up to Benjie that he had shipped to our house. We were so excited to meet up with them! They were coming by first thing in the morning. And we had both just rolled out of bed when the doorbell rang. Juan got up to get the door while I hurried and put on some decent clothes and attempted to brush my hair. He opened the door and I hear Marisha say , “We have a surprise for you! Is Haley here?” And then I hear Juan yell, “WHAT?!?!?” I run out and standing in our living room is not only Jordan + Marisha + Baby Lucy…but also BENJIE + JOYCEANN! I have truly never been so surprised about anything. EVER. Juan + I both had absolutely no idea about any of. It seriously felt like a dream and then all of it started to come together. Turns out my dad is pretty good secret keeper and the surprise was extremely worth waiting for. It was everything that we needed in that moment after everything that I happened. I’d been wishing over the past few weeks that somehow, someway we could all be together. It was healing and magical in every way. We can’t thank them enough for coming to spend time with us in a moment that we needed them the most. And we can’t thank Jordan + Marisha enough for making it happen. I love them all more than anything.

It was a weekend spent with lots of food and good conversation and staying up way too late. All of my favorite things!For a solid year, JoyceAnn and I have talked about getting these matching sweatshirts. I even tried to get them for her for Christmas one year and they never came! A few days before they came down, she told me she had bought me one and it would be there that Friday. Little did I know that she would also be coming with it! But I am so grateful! She is the truest and best human I know. One of my favorite things we did was wander around Downtown Mesa and the new Pioneer Park. We rented the yellow Ofo bikes and rode them up and down Main Street and it was just the very best. The new park is amazing and it felt so good to be outside after being cooped up for a few weeks!I’m still not quite sure how they managed to surprise us as good as they did, but it will always be one of my favorite moments. We feel so lucky to have friends like the Portillos. And we’d much rather go through hard times with them then easy times without them. ❤

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