I’m sitting here with a blank mind and a full heart. Trying to think of the perfect words to describe the past three years. And I hardly know where to begin. I’ve always known that Juan was someone who made my life better. Even early on when we were just friends, something I always noticed is that any day spent with him was a good day. Regardless of what else was going on. And that’s how it’s been these last 3 years. We’ve done and seen so much together. Pure happiness, utter heartbreak, amazing adventures, lazy nights in. No matter what’s happening in our lives, that feeling remains the same. A day spent together is a good day. Even with things we’ve experienced the last few months, even in those seemingly hopeless moments, we’ve been side by side and I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything. In moments that seemed so dark, my heart was nearly bursting with the love I felt for Juan and continue to feel for him every day. It’s made us stronger, allowed us to grow even closer, and humbled us in the best of ways. I’m grateful to have a love that only gets better with time. And for a husband who has served and loved me in all the ways perfect for me. I can’t wait for what’s ahead. ❤

We were so happy to have our pictures taken by Lexie. I’m always wanting good pictures of the two of us together and these are truly some of my favorites that I will cherish forever. Especially because I was still pregnant and it feels so special to have pictures at that particular moment in our lives. Lexie is the kindness soul you’ll ever meet and you have to check out all her amazing work HERE!

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