In the weeks leading up to Mara’s birth and the weeks and months after, there was absolutely no doubt that God was taking care of us. We received texts, calls, cards, meals, special gifts, flowers, prayers, treats, visits. The list is endless. And not one gesture went unnoticed. We need everything single one. I felt incredibly overwhelmed by the kindness and true charity of other. While I would not wish this situation on anyone, I feel like I was given a small glimpse on the many reasons for trials, yet the strongest truth I found was that trials bring us together. They bring our families closer, our hearts closer to God, remind you of true and kind friends, allow you to see the goodness in total strangers, and allow new bonds and friendships to form. I can only hope to be what people were for me (and continue to be!) during this time.

I feel blessed to have gained a greater understanding for mothers in many stages. Hoping for a child, the anxiety and unknown of pregnancy, the despair of a complication, the heartbreak of a miscarriage, the pain and discomfort of birth and recovery. No stage or situation is the same, but none of them are easy. And while every gesture meant the world, those coming from other mothers were extra special. Again, it helped make me more aware of what mothers are going through, especially those experiencing loss and heartache.

One great blessing that has come from this experience has been the opportunity to connect with moms I did not know before, but who had also had babies with Turner’s + hydrops. When we first received the diagnosis, I spent hours googling the condition, in search of someone who I could relate to. One of those special women was my new friend Lindsey. I stumbled upon her blog and immediately felt a connection to her. Her timeline was almost identical to mine and it was such a comfort to read someone else’s experience when there was so much unknown. The day that I had found out I was pregnant was the very same day she had lost her sweet Emerson. I reached out to her and she was kind enough to answer all of my questions and communicate with me throughout my pregnancy. In a true Christlike manner she was there to mourn and rejoice with me, having walked to path herself. I’m so grateful that she shared her experience and I know that God led us to each other. She is still one of my biggest sources of comfort and we text often, knowing that was can relate so well to each other. I’m forever grateful for her! One thing that drew me to Lindsey was her apparent faith in God, in which she openly expressed. Please please please go read her blog Of Grace and Ruth. Everything she writes is beautiful and you will be uplifted by her story!

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