It seems like with each new year comes better adventures, it’s fair share of challenges, and so many simple, yet beautiful moments. There’s nothing I love more than looking back on all of those moments and seeing the growth I’ve gone through personally and the things we’ve overcome and experienced as a couple! 2017 treated us good and we were blessed beyond belief. Here’s just a FEW of my favorites from the past year. 

Some highlights + notable moments from 2017:

turning 25 and officially feeling old ha! juan started working from home which means we saw a lot of each other, which I’ll never complain about! eating our weight in venzia’s pizza + wings. also bahama bucks. also spinatos. hosting galentine’s day with all my favorite gals ruby’s first birthday   benjie + joyceann coming to visit and having the best time, as always checking things off my bucket list like the lantern festival + seeing lea salonga in concert. both were a dream. adventures to new places. I’d been dreaming of going to san francisco for so long and it was better than I could have ever imagined  experienced las vegas for the first time and got called up to be in criss angel’s magic show! — juan becoming a citizen and making us remember why we love america — spending a week in smelly, humid, yet wonderful new oreleans. another bucket list item! — meeting neil patrick harris — a trip to oceanside with the fam who hadn’t taken a trip all together in 4 years! — alex + maddy getting engaged/married! — playing parents for a week up in utah — juan quitting he work from home job to go school full time — finding out we would be becoming parents!! — spending lots of time with our families — teaching piano lessons — enjoying the perks of juan being a nike employee — growing closer together than ever before as we work through the challenges and unknowns of our little growing baby — feeling loved and supported in more ways than we could possibly count.

While we have no clue what 2018 has in store for us, we know that good things are on their way and that we can’t wait for what’s ahead! ❤


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