Not sure how December managed to already sneak by, that trickster! I always say I’m going to take things slow and enjoy the season and boom — it’s over. But it was a lovely and festive December regardless!

Just a few of y favorite ornaments. Can you please appreciate the perfectness that is that narwhal ornament? It’s not hard to spot the hoop in the background, but might I point out the tiny basketball ornament near the top. Which as Juan was placing it on the tree her stated, “Gotta put it up top where it belongs, second only to the star.” It’s clear where his priorities lie.
This year I took on my first group of piano students, having only had a few here and there over the years. Which meant my very first piano recital. This reaallly made me feel like my mom ha. And I guess she was proud since she kept crying at the recital.
I also attempted to make sugar cookies with royal icing for the first time. I’m still debating if the mess was worth it haha!
Since Juan says we are still too poor to jump the gun and get a real tree, I have to lean on my parents to fulfill my dreams until that time comes. I always tag along with them to go pick out their tree. I try to be helpful, but I mostly just walk around and sniff every single tree because is there any better smell in the world?

Since Juan has started working at the Nike store everyone, especially my Dad, has been trying to amp up their Nike wardrobe. Andy could not be happier about his puffy vest that he claims keeps him so warm.

On Christmas Eve, or the Saturday before in this year’s case, my parents have always taken us out for a nice dinner. It’s one of our favorite traditions since we always get to try something new and a something little bit fancier than we would normally go for. It’s also nice to be able to just spend a few solid hours together amid the holiday crazy. This year they treated us to Rodizio Grill–one of those fancy Brazilian steakhouses. It. Was. In. Credible. And such a fun experience!  
The real star of the meal was the bottomless limeades that you could get in pretty much any flavor. I’m not ashamed to say that I had at least 4. And I’ll be dreaming about them until I can get my hands on another one. The pineapple coconut was our unanimous favorite!Thanks Mom + Dad!!

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