While this may be slightly old news–WE’RE HAVING A BABY! Even though we’ve known for months it’s still absolutely bizarre to say. It still doesn’t feel real and I don’t think it will until we’re holding the little baby bean burrito in our arms. But we could not be more excited. While it’s certainly the scariest adventure we’ve encountered so far it is equally as magical and exciting. There’s already been so many memorable moments.

I had a hunch I was pregnant for a few weeks, but I was too scared to take a test! One afternoon Juan finally drove me to a distant target ( so we wouldn’t run into anyone we knew) to just get it over with. The anticipation was too much. Waiting that three minutes for the test result was the longest three minutes of my life. I had flipped the pregnancy test upside down on the counter so I couldn’t see the results. My heart was beating SO fast. Laughing/nervously squealing, we flipped it over together. TWO LINES. We both laughed and smiled some more and really couldn’t believe it. All I felt was happiness. I took 3 more. Just to be sure of course.

It was so hard to keep the secret to ourselves. Yet it was also fun to share the secret, just the two of us, for a little while. We confirmed the pregnancy with a primary doctor and planned how we’d tell our families. We couldn’t wait any more! Juan of course had already bought the baby some little Nikes, so we wrapped those up in a big Nike box and told Juan’s mom we got her some shoes. We were all sitting around for breakfast with his sisters when she pulled out the little shoes. Every immediately started to cry. My family had planned on watching Harry Potter together the next night to kick off the Halloween season. I told them I would make a special HP cake to help add to the magic. Which I did. With just a slight name change. The reactions in the video says it all. I just love how excited we all get for a new little human to come into the world! Someone we don’t even know, but that we know will be apart of our lives forever! It’s such a magical thing!

We really could not feel more love, gratitude, and excitement!  We’ve already felt so much support from our loved ones and know that everything is going to be just fine due to the help and love of so many! Baby-Z is going to be in good hands!

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