In November, my baby brother got married. How he is that old is beyond me, but it was such a fun and special day. We only get one shot at a sister-in-law in our family and Alex picked the best of the best. We love Maddy! Their wedding was beautiful (I mean, come on, those flowers!!) and it was extra special to have all of our family in the temple together. That hasn’t ever happened before because for the past 3+ years, someone has always been on a mission or wasn’t endowed. It was a sweet reminder of the sacredness and blessings of the temple. Plus, sealings always make me think back to my wedding day and give me all the feels. We’re so happy for Alex+ Maddy and it’s so fun to see our family grow!

Towards the end of November, I got together with my two childhood best friends, Anna + Stephanie so we could take a picture together of us all pregnant! We snuck it in right in time because Anna was due only a few days later. Having babies together is a childhood dream come true and I’m so inspired by the good little moms that my friends have become. And of course, at the end of November we celebrated Thanksgiving with my mom’s side of the family. Not only did my parents host Thanksgiving at their house, which has never happened before, but we were finally all together after 4 thanksgivings apart. Something I know my mom was especially thankful for!


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