Halloween will never not be my favorite. I say that every year, but I mean it with all my heart. Is it alot of trouble for a costume that you’re only going to wear for a few hours once? Maybe. But I don’t care! I love the whole creative process. The star of the show this year was Juan’s Captain Hook coat. Which was indeed a coat from the ladies section at Goodwill. But with the help of a few buttons and frills, didn’t turn out too shabby! I quite think he should wear it every day. But maybe not the wig haha. I will say this was also my comfiest costume to date. Why I haven’t worn a costume with leggings yet is beyond me. I highly recommend it.

This year we had a little party with a few friends. It was nice and laid back–eating soups + chilis + pies, sitting around the fire, and watching some Stranger Things 2! Which we binge watched the whole thing the next day. #teamsteve

By far my favorite picture of Juan + Ruby! I mean look at her perfect costume! ❤

That flash tho.

Hands down the best costume of the night was David’s Trunchbull! The dedication! The magnificence!

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