October went by in a blur. A beautiful fall-esque blur. I spent a lot of the month feeling nauseous, drinking lots of ginger ale and eating crackers laying down in bed. And watching a lot of movies. Because the thought of doing much else made me sick. For example the dishes. Except those always make me feel sick. 😉 But I counted my blessings, since while I did feel queasy and tired, I never threw up. Juan also won best husband award for doing said dishes and making dinner while I was pretty much useless. We also spent many late nights in drive thru’s, because for some reason all of Juan’s favorite foods had become my favorite foods. Burgers. Pizza. Curly fries. Chicken wings. Basically anything not good for you.

Despite feeling bleh, we did manage to get out of the house and do some fun things! We stopped by the state fair with the Garza’s. Yes, it took us an hour to park. And yes, we saw our fair share of weirdos. But we also had the very best pretzel + cheese, took selfies with a llama, and hit up the film photo booths. For Natalie’s birthday we spent the evening at Schnepf Farms. It was fun to get in some quality sibling time and enjoy all the fall festivities!I didn’t even notice those hooligans photo bombing us until just now! Ha!We clearly weren’t prepared for the first photo. But I just love the real film!

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