The next few days involved the beach, the beach, and some more beach. One day I’m pretty sure we were out for a solid 8 hours. Hence the sunburns. #worthit. Juan and I obviously had to wear our matching beach uniforms, in the hopes that someday maybe Nike will give us a shout out. I can’t wait to have kids just so I can make them match me! Poor kids. We were so lucky we got to see Stephanie + Adam + Baby James and are so glad they met up with us. They’ve been all over the country the past few years but they just moved back to AZ! Eeee! Shoutout to Stephanie for actually making go out and boogie board. The ocean sometimes terrifies me ha! But I’m so glad she pressured me into it because I had the best time!

After a long day of playing, we all hit up Rockin’ Baja Lobster. Our fam’s favorite! Nothing like some giant buckets of seafood 😍 On another night, Juan and I took bikes and road them up and down the boardwalk. The weather was incredible, with that perfect ocean breeze, and the sunset was killer. I just love being outside! With the sweltering heat back home, it’s easy to feel cooped up. So, I definitely seized every opportunity I could to get some of that Vitamin D.

I know we have picture just like this from when we were 12 haha!
Just some casual beach modeling. The night we went out for seafood, the boys wore matching birds shirts and the girls wore black and white stripes. Totally by accident. 
Trying to take pictures with Juan may be more difficult than taking them with a small child. One of my favorite parts of the trip was our balcony and the incredible view. Is there anything better than a beautiful view with a slight sea breeze? I don’t think so. I loved being able to eat breakfast out there, watch the sunset, and even get a little bit of work done from my laptop.A definite highlight of the trip was leaving with a new sister-in-law to be! Alex had been planning on proposing the week after we got home, but decided last minute to do it at the beach. Juan + I were in charge of find a ring replacement, and spent hours trying to find something to do the job until Alex picked up the real one! Surprisingly, Walmart came through! We are SO excited to have Maddy in the family and couldn’t be happier for the two of them! Yay weddings!

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