There are few places in the world that I love more than Oceanside. Over the years it’s become our family’s go to vacation and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It has all the best things. Seafood, sandy toes, perfect sunsets, tiny shops, tan lines, scenic walks. And I’m all about exploring and adventuring, but what I love most about Oceanside is that we usually show up with zero plans–other than chillin’ on the beach and spending time together! We go on walks and bike rides to the pier, boogie board, nap on the beach, play games,  snack all day, hit up the hot tub…it’s the dream!

This years trip was extra special since it was the first trip with EVERYONE is 3+ years. And even though we’re all living within a mile of each other, our schedules have been so crazy so it was the best being together and away from everything! We spent the first day like all good days should be spent. Eating and playing at the beach.

We had breakfast in downtown Oceanside at the Breakfast Club Diner, Juan & I came here a few years back on our honeymoon and I was way too excited to eat their strawberry waffle, which I’d been dreaming about ever since then!

Where we spent most of our time. Doing absolutely nothing. And it was amazing.^

This accurately represents how we each feel about taking pictures. 

I love me a good photo bomb–ha!

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