Last weekend was so special. After years and years of waiting + the sacrifices of so many, Juan was finally able to become a U.S. Citizen! The ceremony was such a privilege to witness. And was surprisingly emotional. Yes, Juan and his family have made many sacrifices and worked so hard to be where they are at. But to be in a room full of people just like that, many of whose stories are filled with even more struggle and sacrifice, was so humbling. The ceremony really struck a patriotic chord with me, as they showed videos of immigrants throughout the years and clips of all the beautiful American landmarks. My dad literally cried the entire ceremony.  America is far from perfect, but it was a good reminder of how blessed I am to be living here. They also invited anyone from the crowd to come up and share they story. Every single person who spoke was so humble and thanked God for getting them to this point. Which was also a great reminder that while the world is full of evil, there are even more good and hardworking people out there, trying to make this country/world a better place.

I’m so proud of Juan for all his dedication and hard work to become a citizen. Even thought he’s lived here for the majority of his life, it was still such a long process. And I’m especially grateful for all his family members, especially his parents, for their hard work in allowing this to happen for him!

The lady who made this all possible. ^^

Registering to vote!!

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