The last few days of our trip we spent in Reno with Benjie + JA. It was so nice just to kick back and sleep in after so many jammed packed days. You know you’re true friends when you can have the best time doing nothing. And by nothing I mean watching The Office over and over and eating. Because those are friendship essentials. One of the best days was spent lounging around Lake Tahoe. Juan and I had never been and I can safely say I’ve never see a more beautiful lake. Clear (ice cold!) water, surrounded by mountains and forests. I’ll take it! It was definitely the kind of lake people in movies go to. We paddle boarded, ate all the snacks in the world, and attempted to get tan. But alas, I’m still white.

JoyceAnn + Benjie always treat us too good. The four of us spent 3 nights at the GSR, a big resort downtown. I loved being able to stay in hotel (because I’ll take any chance I can get) and Juan loved the driving range. The Portillo’s took us out to so many good restaurants and gave us a tour of all the cool places downtown. We’re already counting down the days till our next trip together. *cough*Disneyland*cough*

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