Ever since we’ve been married, Juan + I have always talked about taking a trip to San Fran. Neither of us had been and after all the good things we’d see and heard, I knew there was no way we wouldn’t like it. Juan knew he had a week off in July. So of course we called up the Portillo’s and made it happen.

I’m not sure why it took us so long to visit, because it turns out that San Francisco is nothing short of amazing. With it’s iconic houses and landmarks, stunning views of the bay, the majestic bridges, good eats on every corner, incredibly lush parks and hills. I really can’t choose a favorite part. Benjie + JoyceAnn graciously showed us the ropes of the city, since they’re only a short 3ish hour drive away. The four of us just had the absolute best time exploring, walking miles and miles every single day. (uphill at least half the time!)

I couldn’t get enough off all the amazing graffiti! 

^Every single street. Adorable in every way. ^

Hot chocolate in July!!!

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