We spent the weekend in Las Vegas with Rathen + Kizzy who were on their way down from Idaho! The last time I was in Vegas I think I was 9 years old, and we only stayed for like an hour. So I have little to no memory of it. Which means I had no idea what to expect. Turns out it’s a pretty good time. If you can get past the mix of terrible smells and weridos on every corner of course haha. It reminds me of a giant Times Square. We definitely ran into our fair share of strange specimans, but still had so many good times!

I love big cities. The larger then life hotels and buildings. The honking and bright lights. I love people watching and I love eating. And I love how in Vegas you can step into a building and feel like your someplace else. We spent most of our time wandering in and out of hotels and stores, admiring their enormity and dedication to its particular theme. We also loved that nothing ever closed. That means we could stay up as late as we wanted and at any time stop and grab something to eat. Both nights we went out to eat well passed midnight. Which is probably why I’m still tired.

Kizzy and I couldn’t pass up a picture in front of the H+K. And I think Juan may have a future in photography 😉

And here’s a million pictures of the ceiling in the Bellagio because I couldn’t pick one.

We stayed at the Mirage, which had a killer pool and was walking distance from anywhere we wanted to go!

I also experienced my very first Vegas buffet. We had been wandering around with empty stomachs for awhile and ended up at Le Village, the buffet inside Paris Paris–which was so beautiful and reminded me of Disneyland. Hours of eating commenced, including dozens and dozens of crab legs. And yes I tried basically every dessert. And the crepes. And we all took a custard cone to go. Soooo…yeah.

^^Proof that Juan wants to hold Rathen’s hand and not mine sometimes. ^^

On the last night, we went to Criss Angel’s show Mindfreak. Which was literally a mix of every single emotion possible. He was INCREIBLE. Terrifying. Talented. Touching. Bizarre. Amazing. And just freaking scary. Literally, out loud during the show I would say, ” I’m so scared of you!” But it was also magical? Obviously, I don’t know how to feel about it. But if you want to see some mind blowing magic, you’ll certainly find it at Mindfreak.

During said mind-blowing show, he asked for an audience member who wanted to help and come on stage. He had a bowl of crumpled papers, most were empty, and two had his label on them. He then proceeded to walk up the aisle throwing paper balls to everyone screaming and raising their hand. I was on the aisle in the 8th row, and he came right up to me since Juan and Rathen were frantically waving their hands for a paper. I was not, because he’s so scary. So he’s standing right in front of me, looks me in the eyes and mumbles something along the lines of “Do you want to do it?” With terror in my eyes, I must have shaken my head and opened my hand. And he sneakily gives me a paper not in the bowl. My heart was pounding SO hard because I knew when I opened that paper it would have the “A” on it and that I would probably die or get sawed in half. Sure enough. There it was. I didn’t know whether to feel cool or absolutely terrified.

So he asks who got picked and I stand up and run down to the front of the stage where he’s standing. Meanwhile, he’s talking to the other guy that got picked. All the sudden he whips over to me and asks me my name. Of course this is the part in the show where he has the black and white makeup with fake blood all over his face. So naturally, I scream right in to the microphone because he scared the crap out of me. Then it’s kind of a blur, he talks to the audience, grabs me by the shoulders and leads me up the stage when I had to inspect the contraption and make sure the assistant was a real human. And then he sawed HER in half. Not me. Thank goodness. Even though he’s the scariest person, it was the coolest experience and now I secretly kind of like him? Again. I can’t tell. Send help.
The last morning we walked around the Venetian and Caesar’s Palace, eating some incredible pizza and just as incredible gelato.

It was a jam packed crazy 48 hours but we had the best time with the Ricedorff’s! Once I catch up on sleep, I’m ready for another vacation!

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