Ever since I was little, the only thing I’ve wanted to be when I grow up is a mom. Moms take care of you. Moms feed you. Moms take you out to eat/shopping when you’ve had a bad day. Moms are gentle and understanding. Moms add their touch of light and magic to everything and make home the best place to be. And sure, moms have their fair share of bad and not so glamorous days. But moms make the world a beautiful place. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that? I’m so lucky to have so many motherly examples in my life. Especially my own mom and mother-in-law. Both who love unconditionally and serve faithfully. We had an amazing Sunday celebrating these two incredible women!

Because it was Mother’s Day, we got to Skype our two missionary brothers! It was so good to hear from them, and so crazy that this is Alex’s last call before he comes home in August! It the cutest watching Ruby wave and blow kisses to Beto. He had us all laughing the whole time with his stories. We skyped Alex at Dad’s office so that the connection would be good, and figured we’d make a dinner out of it too haha. Of course Alyssa had to bring Moe and introduce her to Alex. 
I’m just so grateful for my mom. She’s adventurous and curious. She’s started her own business that helps people every single day. She’s the perfect balance of mentor and best friend, always trying to relate to us and share her experiences to help us in our own. She show her love in everything she does and makes everything fun. She can appreciate a good cry, whether it’s from laughing so hard or from a rough day. She really is the glue that holds our family together. And I hope to be just like her someday. ❤

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