How is it already May?? Wasn’t it just Spring Break yesterday? Whack. But anyways, here’s just a little update of what’s been going on in our neck of the woods lately.

At the beginning of April we cashed in my parents Christmas gift and took at little staycation in Scottsdale. We stayed the the vibrantly chic Saguaro Hotel. Somewhere I’d been wanting to stay ever since I learned of it’s existence. I’m obsessed with anything in color order, so naturally I was in heaven. It was nice to just kick it, watch some TV and walk around downtown Scottsdale. Since we couldn’t agree on any of the fancy restaurants downtown, we ended up walking over to the mall and ate at the food court. Because compromise. It was just really nice to spend some time together, just the two of us. Especially since Juan left to Georgia the following week! Also, why do hotel robes make me feel fancy?

Something else that I’ve always wanted to do was attend a lantern festival. Thanks to the generosity of Sarah Waggoner, we were able to make that happen. I can’t think of a better way to kick of the summer. Before sundown, every one was just camping out, eating grub from the food trucks, and making s’mores. Also, it seemed like everyone had those inflatable bean bag couch things. Why do we not have some yet? Anyways, the s’mores for some reason were SO GOOD. I mean, I know there was nothing special about them, but Juan and I both ate at least three. No shame. Only deliciousness.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Once the sun was all the way down, it was time to light the lanterns. I wish they would have given everyone 10 lanterns each because I could have stayed and watched them float away all night! It was all sorts of magical. They even played Tangled music so that made everything THAT much more magical.

And to add to the list of “things I’ve always wanted to do”, we finally got to cash in another Christmas present from my parents this past weekend. I’m always down for a pops concert at the Phoenix Symphony, but this one was extra special. We were SO lucky to be able to see Lea Salonga put on an entire concert, singing all her hits, with the beautifully majestic symphony. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched her Les Mis videos on YouTube. Or how many times I’ve listened those songs + any other song by her that I could get my hands on. Or how many times I’ve listened to a “Whole New World” on my iPod while vacuuming so I could sing a long and no one could hear me. Moral of the story, I’ve been obsessed with her for YEARS and her performance blew me away. I cried and cried because it was just so incredible/such a dream come true. I’m so grateful for the love of music that my parents instilled in me, allowing me to have experiences like this!

And if you couldn’t tell, it was at the Orpheum. One of my favorite buildings in Phoenix!
We’ve definitely experienced some incredible things over the past few months. And I’m just so grateful for any time I get to experience things with the people I love most. We’ve got a lot of big plans for summer and I can hardly wait! And a special shout out to AZ for holding off on the heat for just a while longer. Weather in the 70’s in May? Yes, Please!

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