March is one of my very favorite months because for us it’s filled with lots of celebrating. More than half of our families’ birthday are in March, plus Spring Break, and our anniversary! It’s just got a lot of good vibes goin’ on. We’re lucky enough that our anniversary falls on the same week as our best friends, the Portillos,  and we were over the moon when they said they were planning to spend theirs in AZ with us. I’m hoping that this turns into a lifelong tradition, us celebrating together. I sound like a broken record, but we just have the best time together.

I had the stomach flu on our anniversary (#blessed) so it worked out that we had a delayed celebration that weekend when Benjie + JoyceAnn arrived. Saturday night we headed out to Gainey Ranch in Scottsdale for a fancy dinner at Alto Ristorante. We couldn’t really pronounce anything on the menu haha but everything we ordered was delicious. My favorite was the desserts. I’m a sucker for creme brulee so I got really excited when this one came with a giant edible gondola on top. The apple & goat cheese pie with ice cream was also to die for. Our dinner came with four free gondola ride passes, which was amazing. I didn’t take any pictures because it was basically pitch black, but just believe me when I say it was magical. Our gondolier was super nice, with the most theatrical soothing voice. He sang an Italian love song, and mid song he started hacking up a lung, paused, apologized, and kept on singing. We had a good laugh about that, but admired his professionalism.

For our second round of desert, we headed to Bahama Bucks–Benjie’s favorite! Because two desserts are better than one, right? It’s my secret wish that they never open one in Reno so the Portillo’s always have at least one reason to visit us.


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