Things have been pretty good around these parts lately. This is always one of my favorite times of the year in AZ. The weather is phenomenal, the days are getting longer, and the promise of Spring Break is in the air. Juan and I ventured downtown to the Suns game last weekend. Since they were student tickets, we were allllll the way up at the very top. Which still, isn’t a bad view for a basketball game. It wasn’t until we spotted my parents on the SECOND row that we started to get a little jealous. But hey, we’re happy for them. It was the same night Al McCoy got inducted into the Ring of Honor. Not going to lie, I didn’t even know who he was, but when they were presenting him with his award I cried because he is the cutest old man. Most of the other Ring of Honor members were present, which meant we ended up running into Charles Barkley on the way over from dinner. Quite literally too. We were just walking down the street and I looked up and there he was, a foot in front of me. We had a super good time though, and hopefully we’ll make it a priority to go to more games!

With the incredible weather, I’ve been trying find every excuse to be outside. Before it’s too late! My sister and I hiked A-mountain the other morning and caught some beautiful views of Tempe!

Last month our favorite niece turned one! Which is bizarre because I swear she was just born yesterday. We love her so stinking much and she had the most perfect fiesta themed party!

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