Last Monday Juan turned 24. It’s always nice when Juan’s birthday rolls around because the month of being 2 years different in age is over haha. Juan took a half day so we got to spend most of the day together. We had lunch at our very favorite, Venezia’s. It NEVER disappoints. Then we went to Walmart and bought an “outside basketball” because apparently there’s a difference. I’m slowing learning ha! Again, taking advantage of the beautiful March weather, we played basketball at the park. Grammie and Gramps graced us with their presence to drop a gift off for Juan. I sure love those grandparents of mine. For dinner I had a bunch of our friends meet us at Pita Jungle. Which is how I know Juan is getting older because he CHOSE Pita Jungle himself. When a year ago he would have mocked me for choosing something so “healthy”. Afterwards everyone came back to our house for cake and a Nintendo tournament. Well the tournament just kind of happened. Whiiiiiicchhh, is never a surprise!

I’m just so so grateful for this cute little birthday boy. ❤ happy birthday Juan!

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