Is it normal to look at your wedding pictures on a weekly basis? Even though it’s already been two years, I STILL am overwhelmed by how perfect that day was. And I know I sound like a broken record, but I’ll never not believe that. I’ll never forget all the sacrifice and love from others that made that all possible. For years I wanted Juan to be the one. I didn’t know how or if it would happen. But I’m grateful to God for how everything played out over the years so that we could be together. It’s just one of the many many reasons I know that God loves me and is aware of my wants and needs. And seeing it all come together on that day and being able to be sealed to Juan filled that day and every day going forward with a happiness that is hard to describe. After two years, that novelty hasn’t worn off. Sure we’ve had our fair share of hard days and marriage is no walk in the park, but even amongst the hard times I’m reminded of just how blessed I am to be married to Juan. In fact, it’s in those hard times where I become the most grateful, when it’s oh so clear why we are together. And I’ll always be thankful for our wedding day and any opportunity I have to reflect on it. It’d definitely be my memory of choice if I ever have to cast a patronus 😉

happy anniversary JZ. cheers to forever.

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