I got to spend Valentine’s Day with my two loves. Juan and Spinato’s pizza. I’m being 100% serious when I say I would rather eat a Nicole’s New Favorite from there then a fancy dinner somewhere else. I love that pizza with all my heart. And stomach. So it was only appropriate that we celebrate with that very pizza. We picked up our food and made a picnic out of it. A picnic which included people watching, failed jumping pictures, and a killer AZ sunset. Arizona was really showing off for her birthday. While Valentine’s Day may be a little silly, I’m always thankful for any excuse to celebrate the people I love. Especially Juan. He’s my very favorite and I’m still not sure how I got so lucky. I love that we love spending time together, and grateful that we have so many chances to. He’s the dictionary definition of best friend that’s for sure. And even after almost two years of being married, I still get excited waking up next to him. Alright enough cheese…speaking of…I’d better go eat that last piece of pizza for breakfast.

One thought on “YOU+PIZZA=<3

  1. Just commenting to say that I was just introduced to Spinato’s last Thursday, and I too, am now obsessed. I thought I’d eat half for lunch and take the rest home for dinner. Nooooope. Ate the whole thing. Definitely using it as a date destination when I’m in charge of planning next month.


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