Living in Georgia was a huge eye opener for us. By living in a tiny little house with just the necessities, we realized that we were perfectly happy with less. Coming home, we made it a goal to go through everything we owned and toss or donate what we didn’t use. Which is obviously easier said than done. It felt so good and it’s definitely something that I’m still working on. I’m guilty of wanting 3 of everything and 2 more just in case.  But anyways, our goal for January was to go through our junk and spruce up the rooms a tad. Coming back to the same house was amazing, but we felt like we needed to change things up a little bit. Now that we’d both be working from home a lot more, we wanted it to be a space we wanted to spend time in. And a space that was easy to keep clean!

We started with our bedroom. We got a new bed frame that gave us way more space in the room. While our other bed was great for storage, it was bulky and basically the only thing in the room. Next, we attempted to build some little nightstands, since no store sold any tiny enough for our space. I’m pretty proud of how they turned out! We also snagged these wall lamps from IKEA which cleared up a lot of room on our nightstands. I love that they’re adjustable!
We inherited my parents old dresser and gave it a good stain and some new handles. Threw up a new mirror and some frames we already had and voila! 
Lastly, we put some hooks behind our door to hopefully minimize the hats, coats, and towels on the floor. So far so good.
Like I mentioned before, Juan and I both do a lot of work from home so we thought it was about time to make a little office space. I got rid of my bulk old desk and built a new one. It’s enough space for me to sit and work without taking up too much space in the room.

Thanks to Pinterest, we managed to find some prints we both liked, clearly defining whose side is whose. ( I mean, who else would have picture of Lebron framed in their office…)

Since the office doubles as the guest room, we added these prints above the bed and dedicated a corner to the record player. The table it’s on has to be one of my best Goodwill finds ever! It’s just the right to hold the record player on top, our records in the top drawers, and all of our files and adult papers in the bottom!

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