Twenty-five? Already? I’m pretty sure I just turned 19 last year. But alas, another birthday for the books! Aside from getting older, I really love birthdays. I was blessed to have my birthday fall on a Saturday this year. And then I was also blessed to have a husband, who doesn’t really love birthdays, plan out the whole day. My only request were food and party people. Which are always my requests, anyways sooo…First he surprised me with tickets to Ariana Grande ( my secret girl crush ) and the La La Land vinyl album!! I’m completely stoked for both. We met my family for lunch at Liberty Market and then Juan took me to see Moana. We’ve been slackin’ and still hadn’t seen it. LOVED IT. The music is on repeat in our car. After the movies he took me to California Pizza Kitchen where a bunch of my friends were waiting! I was so happy! When we all got back to our place, I was greeted with a coconut + funfetti cake (the best of both worlds!) made by my mother-in-law. We’re still eating it because it was so delicious and amazing. It was just the perfect day and Juan is kind of the best. Family, pizza, funfetti, Disney movies, chatting and laughing with friends? I couldn’t have asked for anything more!

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