There’s something magical about a new year. An opportunity to start fresh, with new conviction and an opportunity to look back and reflect on what’s been. To make new goals and celebrate in the ones accomplished. 2016 was quite the year. Full of mostly happy and ordinary moments. Although, it didn’t come without its own trials and challenged. At times, life threw some really tough things our way. We had to make a lot of scary adult decisions. I cried alot of those times haha. But all of it made us a little stronger and brought us closer together. I also learned a lot about the strength of our family members amidst their trials and I admire them all so much. We’re definitely blessed with the best.  I couldn’t be more excited for the year ahead. I’ve got a pretty good feeling about it. Now for memories sake, here’s a few highlights from the year:

our disneyland trip with benjie + joyceann, which was beyond magical buying our first new car & learning to drive stick shift becoming an aunt and uncle for the first time! run ins with various celebrities including john stamos, shaq, rob lowe, george w. bush, james harden, sadie robertson, and ludacriscelebrating our 1st anniversaryour trip to reno for benjie & joyceann’s weddingjuan’s first concertmoving to gerogia, and away from home for the first time visiting 12 states family trip to harry potter world the portillo’s coming to visit, confirming yet again that we are couple twins our first piano — our first week apart since we’ve been married, which I don’t preferlots of trips to the riverlots of new friendsadventuring with our out of town visitors sending 2 siblings off on missions my first thanksgiving away from home, which also meant my first time cooking a turkey getting to visit alex on his missioncoming home, more experienced, more appreciated, and more in love with Juan, AZ & our families

2017…we’re ready for ya!



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