I don’t think I can say it enough, but it was the best being able to come home just in time for December and all its festivities. The month started off with a trip to Thatcher for Grandpa’s wedding and a family party. While we’d definitely had our fair share of roadtrips recently, it was so good to be with so much family. It’d been awhile! We also had time to pop by Merry Main Street with Caleb & Sharol and take a few spins around the ice rink. We spent another weekend seeing La La Land and making gingerbread houses with Katie & David. I haven’t stopped listening to the soundtrack since. Everyone should go experience its brilliance.

On Christmas Eve, my parents took us out for our annual dinner. For as long as I can remember they’ve treated us to a fancy Christmas Eve dinner. It’s always nice to spend sometime together during the busy holidays and it always feels so festive. With both Alex and Alyssa gone, there definitely was a void. It’s been three Christmases since we’ve all been together, with one more incomplete one to go. I can’t wait for that! But being able to Skype with them helped fill the gap just a bit. Christmas Eve night was spent with the Garcia’s, eating good food and then staying up till midnight to open presents! Juan and I pulled our guest room mattress out to the front room and had a slumber party by the Christmas tree. We tried to wake up early enough to open presents and make it to church with my parents at 9. It was thought that counted I hope, because we ended up waking up at 8:50. We had breakfast with my parents and opened presents there. Then we caught the single’s ward with Natalie. The afternoon was filled with talking to missionaries and playing with our new toys. Then a nice Christmas dinner with both our families. Even though this Christmas felt more empty than most, with so many family members gone, it was still such a special Christmas sunday being able to celebrate the birth of the Savior with the people we love.

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