As I sit here typing this post, jogging my memory it all seems like a weird crazy dream. There’s so many things I could say. SO much I could share about Georgia. At the beginning of December we made the 28 hour trek ( in 2 days might I add ) home to AZ. Being home feels oh so good. Yet, there’s things about Georgia and our experience there that I never want us to forget. So in no particular order, here’s just a few things we’re going to miss, and are already missing.

the seasons ||  Seeing all of the green everywhere was one thing. But seeing that green change into intense, vivid reds and yellows was amazing! Fall is real! And it’s amazing! This was definitely new for us, seeing the leaves change everywhere. Since there are trees literally everywhere in Georgia, it felt like we were submersed in some magical autumn wonderland. Somedays I would just sit on the couch and watch the leaves literally raining down. I never got tired of it. It was crazy how different the city looked once the leaves started to fall. What was once covered by dense green leaves, was now visible through the patchy trees. It made everything feel a little bit less claustrophobic. Which I liked haha. The two pictures below were my view from the kitchen sink window, taken just a month apart!
our little house || Mainly the windows. It’s in my nature as soon as I wake up to open every single blind in the house and let the sunshine in. So this house was a dream. I loved all the amazing natural light that poured in everyday. I miss the views out those windows. All the beautiful trees and creatures running around! I miss the giant shelving wall and the functioning oven and dishwasher. There are definitely a few things I WON’T miss. The roaches being on the top of that list. Sleeping on a mattress on the floor, the tiny kitchen, and that living-out-of-a-suitcase feeling to name a few more. But I’m grateful for all the memories we made in that little guest house. one-on-one time || Because of Juan’s work schedule before, we didn’t see each other a whole lot. When we moved out to Georgia, not only did Juan have a better schedule, but most of the time we really only had each other. We spent 3x as much time together and it was awesome. We binged watched ALOT of Netflix. Mainly Parks & Rec and LOST. We went on a lot of walks and saw a lot of movies. And it turns out we actually like spending time together. It was the most magical little time.norcross || One of the things I’ll miss the very most is our town. We lived so close to amazing parks, restaurants, rivers etc. Something you just can’t get in ol’ AZ. I loved the quaint woodsy feel and the train that ran right by our house 10 times a day. I loved that Target and Trader Joe’s were a 5 minute drive from my house. ( Without traffic of course.) And I mean look at that Trader Joe’s. Who wouldn’t want to go there. I’ll miss all the town festivals events. Norcross will always have a special place in my heart. the people || What makes any place great is the people you’re with. And we certainly were with some of the best. I couldn’t have made it without them and that’s no lie! And I won’t just miss our friends, but just the people there in general. Southern hospitality is real and it’s thriving down in Norcross, GA. Every person we met was just so incredibly nice an welcoming. They would do anything to help you. Special shout out to our amazing ward and all of their friendly members. Also to our landlords, Becky & Eddie. You won’t meet nicer people anywhere. Eddie would fix whatever we needed and Becky always gave the biggest hugs. They let me hide out in their house during the tornado and prayed for us when we were headed back home. And of course, the Higgins and the Medlocks. We miss them both terribly and consider ourselves so blessed to have formed such solid friendships. These guys did everything for us and made our entire experience!

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