While Georgia definitely was treating us just fine, as it got closer and closer to December, I was aching for home a little bit extra. It turned out that we got to head home a week earlier than we’d originally planned! Packing up our little house was so strange. It felt like we’d been there for so long, but at the same time that we’d just been unpacking! It was definitely a mix of emotions. I was over the moon to be heading home, but so sad to be leaving our little town. It’d been counting down the days to the town Christmas tree lighting ceremony. (Complete with carriage rides, live music and Santa!) But to make it home in a timely manner, we had to leave the morning of.

The day before we left I drove around town, passing my favorite spots one more time. Admiring the trees and all their insane colors. Walking downtown and wandering in all the little shop, including my favorite British tea shop. Juan and I had lunch at the Crossing one more time. I finally treated myself to the ginger peach cheesecake. We wanted to take a picture somewhere for a Christmas card, but we weren’t sure where. After lunch we drove past the town Christmas tree, which was all decorated for the next night. It was perfect! While I may not have got to see it all lit up, I secretly believe they decorated it just for us.

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