One of my very favorite discoveries since being is Atlanta has to be Ponce City Market. Someone recommended we check it out, so we drove downtown not really knowing what to expect! So Ponce City is an old Sears Roebuck building that was turned into an incredible industrial themed hot spot. It has tons of quirky local shops along with some more well known ones. It has 2 floors that are basically a hipster’s food court dreams come true. Both floors are lined with the cutest most aesthetically pleasing restaurants, it’s impossible to pick just one! The whole layout and design reminded me a lot of the Highline in NYC. Seriously, just the coolest place ever! We’ll definitely be making a stop there before we head home! photo IMG_2361_zpsvtxfityq.jpg photo IMG_2362_zpszu8lcgaf.jpg photo IMG_2360_zps0zw2tdtl.jpg
 photo IMG_2359_zpsqayphuop.jpg
 photo IMG_2358_zpsx9znall0.jpg
 photo IMG_2357_zpsmcfdya6n.jpg

 photo IMG_2356_zpsquwh4ndx.jpg
 photo IMG_2354_zps0guirii1.jpg
 photo IMG_2353_zpszyzyo8tt.jpg
 photo IMG_2363_zpsrsqalgh7.jpg
 photo IMG_2352_zpsimxx7kxt.jpg
 photo IMG_2351_zpstxjjz8uu.jpg

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