What do you do when you’re married, but you don’t have any kids/any friends to throw a Halloween party with? Dress up anyways!!! Although we didn’t have any big Halloween plans, we didn’t let that stop us from going all out on the costumes. With Beto in town, it only seemed fitting that we cruise the streets as Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach. (Even though most people were like, “Dang it’s Mario & Luigi! Oh and look. A pretty princess?” I didn’t know that many people lived under rocks.) It was basically an excuse for us to run around town and take a bunch of pictures, mooch a little food from the ward and neighborhood parties, and entertain all the workers in the Dairy Queen drive-thru. I’m pretty sure we all fell asleep by 11 that night. Party animals!!

Now I just have to add a quick story about the dress! I had no clue what I was going to do for my dress. Now I can sew up a couple of pairs of overalls, but I didn’t dare attempt a poofy pink ball gown. When I was back home visiting, we stopped in to Goodwill for something, browsing the costumes on our way in. My sister turns the corner holding up the magical dress. “What about this one?” It was TOO perfect! Fit perfectly, and it was only 5 bucks! A Halloween miracle.  photo IMG_2242_zpskekl2zmc.jpg photo IMG_2264_zps2ozvxgwp.jpg
 photo IMG_2263_zpsmvbggrpx.jpg photo IMG_2350_zpskhihyhcv.jpg
 photo IMG_2326_zpsxx22t9n0.jpg photo IMG_2243_zpsu9hhehdo.jpg photo IMG_2265_zpssv9dnknd.jpg photo IMG_2380_zpsr1ni77oj.jpg photo IMG_2266_zps94kzzvrq.jpg photo IMG_2267_zpsoeks3mi6.jpg photo IMG_2272_zpsl8ofb5pw.jpg photo IMG_2268_zpst06lastr.jpg photo IMG_2244_zpstygzpnjg.jpg photo IMG_2261_zpsddyowrsd.jpg photo IMG_2207_zpscedusdqn.jpg photo IMG_2339_zpssvbe6ycq.jpg photo IMG_2347_zpsnq80lmtd.jpg photo IMG_2336_zpsfjudw3pl.jpg photo IMG_2346_zpsb7wlmoo1.jpg photo IMG_2342_zpseylc2jby.jpg photo IMG_2335_zpsc0d1lkwu.jpg photo IMG_2348_zpssed0fe8f.jpg photo IMG_2332_zpsag5fzw63.jpg photo IMG_2337_zpsyfgeqlwd.jpg photo IMG_2241_zpsptworesw.jpgHAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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